Sunday, February 08, 2009

More of the Rat

Scraps the Rat:
I did this the other night, sort of out of the blue.
I have seen some examples of digital paint over sculpture in some art books, so I thought I'd give it a try. Tried to flesh out ol' Scraps, and see what his fur would look like and really feel the textures on him. Lemme know what you think. Here's a side-by-side of the original sculpture and the final touch up.I think I can get the fur to feel a lot more dirty. He's not the cleanliest guy. He needs some dried food and crumbs stuck here and there. That's all.

Funny Girl

This is from a few weeks ago. This is Follies girl Fanny Brice. This was a drawing I liked that then became a part of an experiment. I just wanted to make it look like an old poster. Twas fun to do, especially with the help of a cintique. I had an awesome picture of her for reference, which was actually in a book. A real book with pages, not the internet!
She's quite a cool gal.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Character Animation Gallery Show

Here's some pictures of my space at the Character Animation Gallery Show, which took place a week or two ago. Thought I'd share.

It was quite a new and fulfilling experience for me. I've never really had a space in any sort of group show. It was a lot of fun all in all. I'll post details of some of the work I hung up plus some other things in the days to come.
I'm just starting production on my film. Story story story! I'm very excited.
Keep that spark alive everyone!

Sunday, February 01, 2009 kind of takes over doesn't it?

So I won't waste your time with how busy I've been. I will say these past few weeks have been awesome and insane. Between having my first gallery show experience, to seeing an amazing lecture series by James Baxter, to designing characters for a Shane Prigmore and Shannon Tindle assignment, to animation for the first time in months...I've had plenty to keep me away form the internet, and my blog.
So, enough chit chat. It's art time!
I'm posting this since the sketch was the last thing I posted.
Gouache, on Bristol board:

I did my first real attempt at a maquette last semester. I decided to paint it over winter break. Her's a few pics. Sorry they aren't that great. I learned a lot with this project. I'm sort of glad I had so many problems with it because I learned more for the next time I sculpt. Not only that, but I really got a better sense of designing in three dimensions that I think has translated into my drawings. I did do a drawing fro this design first, but the sculpture actually turned out better. Please ignore the many cracks and glue globs.His name is scraps by the way. I'll probably have some tied down 2D designs of him in a few weeks. This isn't for my fillm this year by the way.

Film...ugh....that reminds me, I shouldn't be here...I should go work. Bye!!!