Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wanna see a Grizzly bear do a trick!?

Well hello there. I realized that I never posted my film I made this semester. It's really something to distract you from the lack of more interesting things I could post that I'm not posting because I'm too busy trying to find a job. Anyways, here it is. Maybe I'll post some new things I've been working on later this week...or not. Peace love and pencils my friends!

Theo from Michael Herrera on Vimeo.

The story of a daydreaming Grizzly bear in a zoo, who longs to perform for an adoring audience.

This is the work in progress cut of my first year film at Cal Arts.


Robert said...

did you get any internships with this animation??

Sabrina said...

Yaaay!! Thanks for posting!
I love the spin he makes onstage after he tosses the three rocks into the air. :3

Sunmee said...

Hey Michael, glad to see your film posted! I love the juggling part; your "research" paid off well :) Hope you're having a great summer too

Martin W. said...

i love the bear! and a very nice idea, i think.

Spartacus said...

I liked it! A couple things in particular: I liked the split second delay before picking up the water dish. It obviously gave the viewer time to see what it was the bear was picking up, but beyond that, it offered a slight rhythmic shift which almost, in itself, served to accelerate the interest-factor. I also liked the rolling of the balls on the shoulder. There, too, I noticed another play with timing, where the first two balls rolled relatively evenely, and the third delayed a split second before coming. The only suggestion I'd make would be to time the turning on of the stage lights to sync with the musical notes that occur at that time. So it would be one light comes on...a couple beats...the beat..the other. It's only a minor thing, but it could serve to set up the atmosphere a bit more. You did really great work.
-Matt B