Saturday, December 13, 2008

That's all folks...

I have never worked so hard before in my life. This last semester was insane, scary, amazing, brutal, wonderful, name it. I'm disappointed that I really never posted anything interesting, so that's what winter break is for. Everyone, have a great Holiday and get some sleep. Sleep dammit! I'll be blogging a lot, so I'll see you around the interwebs. I have quite a lot to share. Now, I am having tacos, and life is grand.


Animation Idiot said...

Hi mike! Caught your comment on my 'new blog.'

I am looking forward to your artwork postings here. I am certain it will blow my mind how much you've likely improved even beyond the talented work I saw at laguna.

If you want to look at it, I made a rudimentary test-portfolio of some limited work at

I also have a conceptart dot org sketchbook thread here:

I plan on updating my blogspot in the future with stuff too, but for now those two things are what I mainly got.

Also I heard from Benton that stephen silver and several other awesome teachers are coming to your school next semester, you lucky bastard. :)

As for me I'd love to bump into you sometime next semester when I'm up there for sunday figure drawing.

Carlos Romero said...

Damn right! What a crazy semester...! But I loved it all. Can't wait for part 2. But first I must become reacquainted with this concept of 'sleep'...